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Food & Maternity care

Food & Maternity care

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Nutrition and care in the postpartum period.

In Food and maternal care, the old Nordic traditions are revived to bring the focus back on nutritious and healing food, as well as rituals for the pregnant and new mother, in a loving, informative and professionally well-founded book.
Learn to plan your postpartum period with help, care, snacks and food; get an overview of the best and most nutritious ingredients for your kitchen; get recipes for milk-stimulating breastfeeding snacks and iron-rich stews, which are essential for the healing period after a birth.

Line Bak Rothstein and Kamilla Rønnestad start from high-quality local ingredients based on a holistic approach to health, the environment and the nature around us. And with inspiration from afterbirth cultures around the world.

Dive into a warm and empathetic universe where you can be inspired to honor and nurture yourself, or other mothers, before and after a birth.
The book is a direct response to the care revolution of the past 5 years, where it has become apparent that a different holistic approach to care is needed (again) - from the relationship of the healthcare staff, the rights of the mother to the recognition of the needs of new parents in order to provide optimal care for the child care.
As something completely new, the book focuses not only on the well-being of the newborn baby, but also specifically on the well-being of the new parents.


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