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Bistad calendar light

Bistad calendar light

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Calendar light

Calendar candle made of pure beeswax

Burning time approx. 8 hours

All our wax is included in the Green Pool, i.e. that it comes from apiaries where neither pesticides nor antibiotics are used.

The number strip is free of heavy metals and solvents, so no toxins are released during combustion.

This product is handmade in our own production, i.a. of vulnerable citizens. Minor variations may therefore occur in the individual products. It has no effect on the product's quality - but at BISTAD there is room for "the odd".

Over time, beeswax candles will form a white layer on the outside. It is a completely natural process for beeswax and this is easily removed with the heat of your hands. It has no effect on the burning of the candle.

It is important for the quality of the burning of beeswax candles as well as all other types of candles that the wick is continuously trimmed. This also prevents the light from getting soot. At the same time, pay attention to whether there are drafts where the light is. The wall should burn up by itself, but if a small piece falls off and lands in the light, it impairs the burning quality of the light and there is a potential risk of it falling off the light.


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