Collection: Skall Home

The Danish fashion and lifestyle brand Skall Studio was founded in 2014 by the sisters Julie and Marie Skall, long before responsibility became a common word in the fashion industry.

The story of the Skall family began in North Jutland around the 1900s, where Julie and Marie's great-great-grandfather and his brothers made a living by collecting clam shells on the beach and selling them for chicken feed. This is how the family got the surname Skall.

Many years later, the Skall sisters ran around the same sandy beaches to collect seashells in their little buckets. Without having any idea how much these shells would later come to mean to them. "Everything is connected," is one of the sisters' most used sayings.

Today, the seashells are still a great source of inspiration. The shells not only remind the sisters of the North Jutland nature in which they grew up, and which means an infinite amount to them. It also reminds them of how nature, animals and people can benefit from each other in a simple circular system – and of the simple lifestyle of their ancestors. That a little is enough. Values ​​that the Skall sisters want to pass on to everyone who buys Skall Studio.